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Can the steel cabinets be painted? What ink shall I use?

Itatiaia’s steel cabinets go through a rigorous protection treatment and surface preparation for coating, which uses electrostatic powder. Therefore, the coating must follow our standards.

When shall the warranty period apply: since it leaves the factories or the store?

Please check the warranty policy with the store you purchased your items. It may vary from country to country.

What kind of painting does Itatiaia use on its steel cabinets?

Electrostatic powder coating. In such process, the cabinet receives a negative electric charge when it enters the painting cabin, attracting the powder, which is dispersed by pistols, and that has a positive electric charge.

Can the steel cabinets be drilled?

No. Because they lose all the protection against oxidation and the warranty as well.

Can the steel cabinets be exposed to direct sunlight?

Yes, but it is not the ideal situation. Direct sunrays discolor the painting. The color might change according to the exposure to sunlight. The same happens to cars that are directly exposed to sunlight.

May I pull a steel cabinet that is full?

No. You must lift it up and carry it by its 4 sides.

Is it possible to coverthe inside of the cabinet?

They can be covered with plain plastic or papers, with no prints. If you coverthe inside with plastic, do not leave wet bubbles under it while cleaning. You shall use rubber sheet as well.

Do Itatiaia’s countertops bear high temperatures?

PostForming Formica bears up to 130°C. According to the electric ovens manufacturers (Suggar and Layr Eletrodomésticos), the average propagation is 40°C.

What does “PostForming Process” mean?

That’s the rounding process of our countertops front edges. The special plastic laminate (commercially known as Formica) is submitted to a certain temperature, rounded, and shaped on the top.

How long do the steel cabinets last?

Durability of any product depends on how you care for it. Many costumers report that they have had Itatiaia’s cabinets for more than 15 or 20 years in great state of conservation, and they are satisfied with them.

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