About Itatiaia

Founded in 1964, Itatiaia established itself as the largest manufacturer of kitchens in the country and is one of the three largest furniture manufacturers in Brazil. Since its foundation, seeks to develop guided by ethics, simplicity, transparency, innovation and respect for human beings.

The name was an inspiration of its founder, Lincoln Rodrigues Costa, who saw the Pico das Agulhas Negras, on the border between the states of Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, located in the National Park Itatiaia. It would be a password for the growing success: “a company which seeks high.” Since then many things have changed, but the work of the artisans that results in exceptional quality furniture remains the flagship brand of the company.

With a strong national presence, Itatiaia has 76 representatives reselling their product line in 18,500 points of sale throughout Brazil and has an international presence, exporting to countries in Africa, Central America and South America.

With experience and innovation, Itatiaia constantly invests in its two modern industrial parks, one located in Uba / MG, in an area of ​​350 thousand square meters, and the last opened in Sooretama / ES with 600,000 m² of total area. The Itatiaia employs more than 1,800 employees and produces daily 20,000 steel and wood kitchens, cabinets and bathrooms with quality appliances and high-tech equipment. In 2014, the company opened its headquarters in Belo Horizonte, confirming the time of full expansion.

Photo: Ubá Unit

Photo: Sooretama Unit.

Unidade de Belo Horizonte
Photo: Belo Horizonte Unit.

UNIT UBÁ - Steel production Kitchens

Produce daily 13,000 steel kitchens cabinets with modern equipment, high technology and complete safety for the operator. When it comes to steel kitchens, Itatiaia is reference and leader in the segment.

UNIT SOORETAMA (opened June 2013) – Production of wood stoves, cabinets for bathrooms and appliances

Daily production of 6,000 wood stoves, 100 bathroom cabinets, 600 stoves and 150 cooktops. Machinery and equipment installation of the new unit are the most modern on the market. Equipped with high quality metal and furniture, ensure product quality, they also provide safety and ergonomic comfort for company employees.